Talanta Special Issue

Participants are invited to submit manuscripts based on ICFIA 2017 conference presentations for possible publication in Talanta with the intention of publishing in a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) that is dedicated to ICFIA 2017 conference.

A Virtual Special Issue essentially rules out possible delays in publication for contributors to the special issue and will make this conference special issue more complete and accessible than it has ever been. Please see below its advantageous characteristics:

  • Accepted papers are published individually as soon as they are accepted in regular journal volumes at Science Direct;
  • There will be footnotes included indicating at which conference the articles were presented;
  • The Virtual collection of accepted papers will be prepared and hosted on the Journal homepage site – with links to papers at Science Direct;
  • Preface and with the added possibility of other conference materials, e.g. photos, conference award(s) if any, will be available via the Virtual Special Issue.


Submission instructions:

  • Submission link: http://ees.elsevier.com/tal
  • Click on the “Submit Paper” option from the top menu;
  • Enter your user name and password (first time users will have to register);
  • After entering the title of your manuscript, please select article type name “VSI: ICFIA 2017”;
  • Follow the remaining step-by-step instructions to submit your paper;
  • Submission deadline: 31st December 2017

When preparing your manuscript(s), please carefully follow the Guide to Authors of the journal, which you can find on the online submission site or journal’s homepage site. In the cover letter please mention that your manuscript is intended for the ICFIA 2017 Virtual Special Issue.

Please note that all manuscripts will be subjected to the mandatory selection process for the journal, including the strict peer review procedure; therefore acceptance for presentation at the conference is not a guarantee for publication in the journal.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Kind regards,

Elsevier Team